Grab The Love of Beautiful Sarees For The Wedding Season

Abstract: Sarees define grace like no other traditional ensemble and it is a must-have traditional wear in our wardrobe. Encouraged by Bollywood and its nuptials, a new bench has been established for the 'Big fat Indian Wedding’. No matter how giant or miniature a wedding is, we must set our wedding outfits right. 


There were times when every woman in India fancied wearing their mom's saree when they grew up because it is the only outfit that has never gone out of trend. The ethnic and exemplary sarees of diverse states of India give women an individualism of their own and guide them in varied methods of draping a saree. Can we ever imagine an Indian wedding without a saree? Absolutely not! Then be it the bride or the bridesmaid, everyone prefers a finely fabricated saree with exquisite texture. 

Always proceed with the brightly colored sarees which are decorated with elaborate designs as your go-to options for the wedding festivities. These assortments can never go wrong in any family affair. 


We Indians have always been rooted to our traditions and customs, especially to our diverse outfits. Saree has been an integral part of Indian society for decades and now well-known at a global stage for its elegance and beauty. What is surprisingly amazing is, there is such a wide spectrum of Saree to choose for every occasion. Weddings are very special and grand affairs and there is so much planning involved to make them extraordinary. Isn't your wardrobe one of them? We often start preparing a year on what is to be worn for each occasion. The saree is the first and the most preferred choice amongst all the options for every girl as she must have dreamt of wearing it on her wedding day or for her friends, family, or cousins' special day. 

There are so many designers in India who specialize in Ethnic collections but not every designer or store would deliver what they had promised to deliver. This is why we must look for such online or offline stores which value our opinion and can customize the outfits according to our preference and not what they like. Every culture has some common festivities which are celebrated around the wedding season like- Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet, Cocktail, etc. There are some amazing options to choose from as far as outfits for these occasions are concerned.

Dress code as per occasions – 

  • TILAK/ GANESH POOJA- The attire for this occasion needs to be simple and comfort-promising as there is so much work to do. You should always choose a light color and lightweight saree like a Cotton sari for such occasions. The cotton fabric soaks the sweat and does not make us feel uncomfortable. You can decide on a color code and then shop for a saree accordingly. 
  • HALDI- Though Haldi ceremonies are a bit messy but delightful. There is a lot of fun and banter involved in such functions. Bandhani or Tie-Dye sarees are the best options for the Haldi function because they are light yet festive kind of outfits and of course, the yellow color would do the justice due to two reasons. One, it can hide the train of Haldi, and secondly, yellow is the official color of Haldi ceremonies now. 
  • MEHNDI- Mehndi function has a lot of fun and vibes because it is celebrated with such vigor that the bride/groom apply Henna on their hands and everybody is found in a jolly mood. The vibe for this function is colorful and lively, so must be your Saree. This is why heavy embroidered Georgette sarees are the perfect fit for the occasion because it adds shimmer and glam with the quotient of class and elegance to your look. And what better color than Mehndi green for such an event? 
  • SANGEET LOOK- It is a musical event with family and friends performing their hearts out and enjoying the occasion without the stress of anything. The dress code for such an event must be sparkling and bling. Heavy embroidered or sequinned saree is the best choice to take your style statement a cut above the rest. The color should be bright and happy like red, orange, yellow, etc.
  • RING CEREMONY AND WEDDING- Women are so particular about their outfits for these two occasions which is why Georgette, Silk, and Net are the best saree favors to be worn at these events. It adds radiance and uniqueness to the entire look. These sarees must be heavy in their embroidery work and graceful in appearance. 

There are so many more events that occur even after a wedding like- the reception. Plain saree with a blouse, Cotton saree, Crepe saree, etc. are a few of the many on the list which can be paired with good jewelry. The thing that matters the most is style and comfort and it must be looked at the right place for the right outfit.

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